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My name is Rachel.  I am the owner of cakepopcouture.

I am a happy mom of two amazing kids and have a wonderful husband. I've shared a photo of my family on the left. They fill my heart with so much joy.

Having said that , like most moms, I struggle to find time to do many of the creative things I used to love. Baking being one of them.   My love for baking started at a young age but it wasn't until my son was born when I fell in love with baking.  Nothing like the priceless look on your little boy's face when you bake his favorite treat.  And then came my daughter who looses complete control at the sight of a cake pop. She loves anything sweet but cake pop is her favorite.  

​I still remember buying her the first pink birthdaycake pop and this picky eater who fusses about all foods literally inhaled it!

So, I decided to experiment by making my first batch of cake pops at home. I still remember the look on my kids faces when I told them "Mommy made it!."  It was amazing to me how a treat could be so beautiful, little and packed with perfect sweetness.  I loved decorating them! Then I started baking it for their birthday parties and everyone raved about how good they looked and tasted.  I loved customizing them. Soon, I was getting requests from family and friends to make them for birthday parties, baby showers, anniversaries, work events, charity and for gifting. From that, cakepopcouture was born. 

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